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     Here are some links that I have been using not only for information but to brush up on my knowledge of all things Japanese.  Please visit them!  I also put in a couple of links of things that are just plain cool in my opinion.  Please email me if any of the links does not work.  Thank you! -- SRC

**The first and second row of sites are other teachers that went on the JFMF trip with me.  Their experiences are different than mine which makes them great for that different perspective.  You won't be disappointed.


Mr. Fagan's Journey to Japan A French Teacher in Japan Round Rock to Japan
  A View Of Japan  
  Japan National Tourist Organization Japan Guide (very big help!)
Web Japan Discover Japan Farstrider
The Japan FAQ
(crazy site but good)
Stockton's Links to Japan Culture at Work
Japan Reference Journey through Japan Japan Zone
Japan 101 Japan Corner by Benihana The Japanese Page
 (learn to speak!)
1000 Crane Club Kids Web Japan Day in the life of a Japanese child Bunraku Puppets
Origami Page Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts  
(American Celebrities in Japanese commercials)
Anime Network Free Bento
(Japanese & Designer Toys)
(Video Games & Other goodies)
(Japanese & Designer Toys)
(Local Japanese & Designer Toy Store)
(The world's encyclopedia)
Anime News Network Nausicaa
A Studio Ghibli website - I can't quite understand the Japanese one so this is the best I've seen


If there is a website that you think should be on this page, please email me the link and I will check it out.  I'll be sure to email back to let you know that it's made it on my site!