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     Before going to Japan, I decided that I needed to brush up on my Japanese culture.  Little did I know that I would be reading and reading and reading.  Wow!  I knew that the Japanese had a lot of beautiful arts and crafts and wonderful theatrical events, but I had no idea the amount.  So in my effort to not bore you, I am going to briefly go over the cultural aspects that I feel are important.  I  know that there is more but please do not be offended if I did not include everything.  This is just one small website among the thousands out there.  If you would like to learn more, please research. 
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     I can't help but notice that people in the U.S. and people in Japan have a lot of things in common.  I've been reading article after article about "daily life in Japan" and in those articles I notice that, if I really wanted to, I could sometimes substitute the word "Americans" for "Japanese" and it would make perfect sense!  Yes, we do have differences, many in fact, but this is what makes going to Japan so great.  I will be able to compare how I live here in Florida to how they live there. 

     Alright, so I promised that I would write a tad bit about the people of Japan and how they are.  I feel that knowing this information is going to help me in Japan.  Ok, so imagine if you will...

Japanese people are very well mannered.  If ever someone in the family did something that was considered "disrespectful", it wouldn't just affect the person, it affects the entire family.  It brings shame to the family name.

There is little crime in Japan.  This is due to how well ordered the society is.

People do not walk and eat at the same time.  It is considered "un-civil".

Japanese people are very punctual.

The average life expectancy of a Japanese person is 81.  They have approximately 1,600 people that are over the age of 100.

Family events are very important due to how little time the family normally spends together during the week.  Weekend outings are common.

Children are celebrated more often and more lavishly than anyone else in the family. 

There is a special day for the elderly called Keiro-no-hi.  On this day, they hold special events for the elderly and give special gifts to anyone over 100.

Fish is very popular and is eaten pretty much at every meal.

Religion is every where but is not a major part of a modern Japanese person's life.  Religious rituals dominate festivals.

Japanese are very sensitive about what people think of them.

Whenever they enter a building, especially someone's home, they take their shoes off.

     I know it isn't much but I have a feeling I will have MUCH more to say once I get there.  Please stay tuned!