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      January 2, 2007 - Reflection
     I have been finishing up my follow-on project the past couple of days now so I decided to re-read all my entries while I was on the trip.  Wow.  I still can't believe that I went to Japan.  It was such an incredible trip but I do have some regrets... I regret losing my sister's video camera because I would have had 10x the video I have on the site now.  I could have been able to make a mini movie.  But all is not lost... my sister did end up getting a very nice video camera to replace it. 

**side note ** Yes, I am a very good sister and I did replace the camera I lost.  It took a chunk out my of savings but now she is able to record my adorable nephews without wanting to shoot me.  **end side note**

My other regret is that I didn't go on more adventures.  I went on my fair share but hearing what everyone else did and seeing their pictures made me want to do more.  Personally, I think that JFMF should give at least 2 days for self exploration but they have their reasons as to why it was cut so I am fine with it.  I dream of going back with my husband one day so that I can show him where we went and what we did.  I want to introduce him to my host family (who I continue to keep in touch with) and I want him to have that wonderful experience I had.

Before I sign out, I want to thank JFMF and everything they did for me on this trip. This program has opened my eyes to much more than what I was seeing.  Thank you so much...  even if I speak the praises of this program til my ending days it won't be enough to thank you.

Here are my previous entries.  Please read them and then go over to my picture page and check out the pictures.  I hope that gives you at least a small taste of what Japan did for me.

Previous Entries
April 3
(I found out then)

May 20
June 6
June 11 & 12
(start of my trip)

June 14

(first day in Japan)

June 15
(visiting the sights)

June 16
(fish market & guest speakers)

June 17
(visiting the Mouse in Japan)

June 18 & 19
(flying to Omura/visiting Nagasaki)

June 20
(sight seeing in Omura)

June 21
(Sanjo Elementary)

June 22
(Omura Middle)

June 23
(Omura Senior High)

June 24, 25, 26, 27
(my weekend with the Hayashi Family)
June 28 & 29

July 10

** This blog will be updated as much as I possibly can while in Japan.  Hopefully I can update at least every other day!  Pictures and video will be added when needed.  Older blog entries will be available for viewing as pop up windows.  All pictures will eventually be added to the Photos and Videos page.