We have to take notes from RC Artkids!?

  To answer your question - yes, you have to take notes in class and you will be using them during the semester so don't get all bent. There will be online assignments that will be posted every week as well as surprise assignments so get use to this page! It will help you in the long run.


Online Assignments Drawing & Painting

  Click on the blue words for the link.  You must have Adobe Reader to be able to open the notes.  Please Google "adobe reader download" and install onto your computer.  If it doesn't open after the install, right click on the link and "save" the document  to your computer.  
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You can email me if you have any questions.  My email is on the Power Point document.  I will make every effort to email you as quickly as possible. 
Drawing/Painting Virtual Assignment Number #1 -- Hands

Was Due Thursday, April 9

Click HERE to see what you will be working on! (Document will download onto your computer)
  Drawing/Painting Virtual Assignment #2 -- Unconventional Media

Due BEFORE Thursday, April 16 at 11:59 PM

Click HERE to download the assignment.

Click on each name below to download the image.

Image 1          Image 2          Image 3

Image 4          Image 5         
Image 6
  Drawing/Painting Virtual -- What Did You Eat
Assignment #3

Click HERE to see your assignment!

Due Thursday, April 30 by 11pm
(Yes you read that right... TWO weeks!)
  Virtual Assignment #4

Super simple... No need for a powerpoint.

You must draw someone you are in quarantine with. 

1- Must be realistically done just like the portrait we did earlier in the year.
2 - Must be drawn larger than your hand.
3 - FULL shading and value!
4 - Prefer black and white but if you want to do it in color, so be it.
5 - You must submit the photo of the person that you referenced.

Due Friday, May 8 by 11:59pm (yes I know!!! It's not a Thursday!)

PS.. Mother's Day is Sunday so why not draw your mom???  Give it to her as a surprise???
  Virtual Assignment #5 -- Getty Challenge


Click HERE to see assignment!!!

Due Thursday, May 14 at 11:59PM
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